Wrap up warm for winter with Laulax wool socks

As anyone who’s been outside the last couple of days will know, winter has decided to surprise us with its sudden arrival. It’s very important to make sure you wrap up warmly as the weather gets colder, and even though the myths about certain part of your body losing illogically large amounts of heat aren’t true, you should still take care of yourself from head to toe.

It’s the toes in particular that we at Laulax are concerned with. And the heels. And the arches. Okay, just the feet in general. A lot of people underestimate how important it is to wear warm winter socks when the weather gets colder, but they’re very important, both for keeping you warm and comfortable, and for supporting your feet.

The best choice for warm winter socks are definitely ones made of wool. Their thickness keeps your feet warm and gives an extra layer of cushioning for your soles. At Laulax our wool socks are double layered to make sure that you have an incredibly comfortable inside and a stylish, aesthetically pleasing outside.



It’s also very important, even when you’re wrapped up to stay warm, that your fabric can ‘breathe’. That’s why all of our wool socks use our Fresh Feet technology, making them breathable and lowering the amount your feet sweat, meaning that even after a long day, they’ll smell fresh.

As with all our products, our wool socks use Colourfast technology, meaning that unlike some other brands, all of our socks are machine washable with no colour loss.

We stock a delightful range of wool winter socks for men, women and our winter socks can also be worn by kids! You can buy our wool socks in a variety of colours as single pairs, or in our special 3 pair gift sets. On top of that, all of our wool socks are currently on sale!

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