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Finest coloured, breathable, fit and durable socks are now available for all. Snug in socks that will make you feel blessed.

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Customer Reviews


The most comfortable socks I have ever owned . Great value for a sock that you do not realize you are actually wearing . The height up the calf is perfect and no leg is exposed when crossing ones legs , or climbing stairs .

Das Scot-Davies
Los Angeles, CA

Shocks hold up perfectly , and unlike so many socks on the market , do not leave a ring mark round the leg when taken off . No itching or pain in the calf when removed . The material is very soft , and holds it's shape perfectly .

Eva Petridou
Berlin , Germeny

Purchased Laulax Ski Socks for a skiing trip and can't express how satisfied I am. They were so warm and comfy. I usually get really cold feet to which i was surprised that I did not get while skiing.

Paris , France

The best socks I have ever purchased! As I am a big wearer of wool walking socks and I have discovered Laulax i have happy feet, they are warm, comfortable, wash well and I won't be buying any other brand again.

Retro Nix
Madrid , Spain