Business Support Officer

at Laulax

Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom


We are looking for a Business Support Officer to join our dedicated and talented team. This role will require you to be able to multi task and work in a very busy office. Please apply with your CV.


Job title: Business Support Officer
Working hours: 37.5 hours (9:00am to 5:00pm)
Salary: 25K to £27K

CLOSING DATE: 8th Jan 2024

Application email: 

Job duties:

  1. Actively work with our suppliers in China and manage daily routine including order management, logistics management, annual plan making, and product iteration etc.
  2. Manage the whole logistics process including custom clearance, warehouse management, logistics budget control, shipping tracking, and team management etc.
  3. Work with the design team and monitor the market to keep updating products, so our competitive advantages remain.
  4. Use methodical approach to managing meetings, following up on actions and being a part of check and challenge discussions with internal management team
  5. Support the marketing team to increase the reputation and public awareness of our company by various methods.

Skills & Experience & Qualifications required:

  1. Excellent communication skills
  2. Speak mandarin is preferred
  3. Experience in footwear industry is preferred
  4. Good computer skills
  5. Able to work hard