About us

Laulax ® is a UK registered brand exclusively for high quality socks. Laulax incorporates the science of Kinesiology and Ergonomics in the state-of-the-art socks manufacturing technology. At Laulax, we strongly believe in a design philosophy of ‘elegance made simple and comfortable’.

Laulax socks are known for exceptional quality that is made possible by using only the finest raw materials in the manufacturing process. Carefully selected combed cotton, which is a type of cotton that can make the yarn remarkably stronger, softer, and more long-lasting than the conventional cotton, is used as the main material in our cotton socks collection; Coolmax® , which is a series of moisture-wicking technical fabrics, is used in our high performance professional sports socks collection. Finest natural coloured wool, which is specially selected and processed natural wool, is used in our outdoor wool socks selection.

All these finest raw materials make Laulax socks wicking, breathable, fit and durable. Furthermore, Laulax socks have many special design features, i.e. Y-shaped heel providing superb fit and grip, hand-linked toe provides extra comfort and durability, engineered cuff allows for enough grips and secure comfortable feel and etc. Our highly streamlined and intelligent process ranging from design, fabrication to logistics enables us to provide these high quality socks at a reduced price, which makes Laulax socks a second to none choice.

Here at Laulax, we are dedicated to making only the best socks tailored to your individual needs, be it for business, sports, or leisure. Laulax, is where quality made affordable!