Choices, choices! Which kinds of Laulax Socks are best for you?

When someone says ‘socks’ to you, what do think of? Plenty of people only think there’s a difference between everyday socks and running socks, and some don’t think there’s any difference at all, but we here at Laulax know that’s just not true. There are everyday socks, casual socks, business socks, wool socks, thermal socks, running socks, exercise socks, knee-high and thigh-high socks and many more.

So, what types of socks are right for you? Well, obviously, that depends on what you’ll be doing when you wear them. For example, normal everyday or business socks aren’t any good for going to the gym or going running, for that you need some high quality running socks.


Our running socks have our patented Coolmax fabric and fresh feet technology to help your feet stay fresh and supported all day. Coolmax helps to keep sweat away, making sure that you can stay feeling your best all day. They’re also made with 40% combed cotton to make sure that your feet stay comfortable and well supported. On top of that, our fresh feet technology gives the socks tiny mesh ventilation panels to help your feet breathe, no matter how far you run. There’s even specially placed cushioning to protect and soothe your Achilles tendon.


We’ve already talked about the advantages of wool socks when it’s cold, but what about ski socks for… well, skiing. Our Laulax ski socks are lightweight, strong, and warm. They have special grip zones for extra ankle and foot support, keeping you at your best when you’re on the slopes. Just like all of our socks, they come with our fresh feet and Colourfast technology, meaning that unlike some other brands, all of our socks are machine washable with no colour loss.

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